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Sponsored By: News Corporation

WINNER: Ambassador David Adelman and the US Embassy in Singapore

The US Ambassador to Singapore, David Adelman (pictured above receiving the award from News Corporation's Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Joe Welch), and the team at the US Embassy have been powerful regional advocates for US business in Asia, helping to fulfill President Obama’s National Export Initiative, and supporting social responsibility efforts in Singapore along with initiatives dealing with increasing student numbers and steps to tackle people trafficking. Ambassador Adelman has led business missions of senior US business leaders in the region to India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

The latest mission was the first American business mission to go to Naypyidaw to meet with the Government of Myanmar. In total, these missions have seen participation from over 80 companies and 100 delegates. Ambassador Adelman has instituted a new programme of NEI Promotional Outreach Tours to encourage US companies not yet operating in Asia to tap into Asia’s growth. Ambassador Adelman and his staff have led several US NEI Promotional Outreach Tours, visiting cities on the US West Coast, in the Southeast and Midwest, which have few companies exporting to Asia.

Explaining the opportunities

The Embassy has also partnered with International Enterprise Singapore and the Economic Development Board to have their representatives join the tours to explain their view of opportunities in Asia and areas where Singapore and US companies could partner to enter new Asian markets. Ambassador Adelman has been extremely involved in AmCham’s CSR efforts. At AmCham’s Corporate Community Day event, the largest one-day volunteer event in Singapore, which annually brings together a large number of companies to do community service, Ambassador Adelman and his Deputy Chief of Mission, Lou Mazel, visit dozens of events throughout the country. They do everything from delivering food to the elderly, finger-painting with disabled Singaporeans, and playing sports with Special Olympians.

This year he personally reached out to over 200 American companies in Singapore to encourage them to join AmCham’s 10th annual Corporate Community Day. As a result, the event has nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012, now involving 62 companies, 47 events, with 6,000 volunteers and beneficiaries. At the 2011 Special Olympics Gala, Ambassador Adelman and his wife, Caroline, auctioned off a dinner at their home to raise money for the Special Olympics’ operations in Asia.

During Ambassador Adelman’s tenure, the number of American students studying in Singapore has doubled, and the number of Singaporean students in the US hit its highest level ever in 2011 with 4,316 students. This is an extraordinary number considering Singapore’s total population of five million. The US Embassy uses Facebook and Twitter to help spread a positive message about US engagement in Singapore.

The Embassy is also leading an effort with the Singapore Government to combat trafficking in persons. The US Embassy in Singapore has coordinated with local NGOs and government officials to: provide training of law enforcement so that they can better detect trafficking cases; help increase public awareness on trafficking issues by partnering with MTV EXIT program; host a myriad of anti-trafficking related events; and partner with local NGOS and AmCham to encourage private sector participation in anti-trafficking efforts.

The award was presented at The 2012 Gold Standard Awards on December 6


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